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Rings, Loops
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Rivets & Fasteners
two-part hit together
chicago screw posts
snap together fasteners

panic snaps
double end snaphooks
rigid snaphooks

Chain / Leather Straps
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link chain
leather strapping
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Spikes & Studs
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Tools & Leather Care

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Gags & Nipple Clamps & Riding Crop
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Eyelets & Grommets
boot hooks
speed laces


Each of our fasteners has its own use in BDSM projects. Rivets, chicago screws and snaps will connect two pieces of leather together. Speed laces are used with leather or other laces and to pull two pieces of leather together.

Rivets are the most common and economical fastener used in BDSM leather working. Although solid brass rivets are more expensive, we've chosen to stock them over steel. Not only are brass rivets impervious to rust, the softer metal is also easier to work with, without suffering a meaningful loss of strength. We offer double-cap rivets for a finished look on both sides.
Double cap jiffy rivets or tap together rivets Double-cap rivets, nickel plated and black oxide on brass. Medium length is good for 2 pieces of 8-10 ounce leather, and large for 3. Short length added for those working in thinner leathers. Medium rivets can be set with our rivet setting tool. All rivets cal be set with out Poly Mallet. Sold by a box of 100.
Qty Pricing
 Item No   1+ 
WF-038-N: 3mm Nickel  $12.14 
WF-038-B: 3mm Black  $13.94 
WF-017: 4mm Nickel  $16.40 
WF-018: 4mm Black  $17.94 
WF-009: 4mm Nickel  $17.00 
WF-016: 4mm Black  $18.78 
WF-010: 5mm Nickel  $25.84 
WF-021: 5mm Black  $26.60 
Quantity: Packs

Chicago Screws

Chicago screws consist of a screw and a post. The post is a base and threaded tube, and the screw threads into the tube to complete a fastening. Chicago screws are very strong, and ideal for loaded or under designed points.

These are solid brass Chicago screws, and again impervious to rust. We offer three sizes, each in a nickel or black finish.
Sold in packs of 12.

Chicago Screw Posts

Chicago screws, nickel plated and black oxide on brass. 1/4" length will take 2-3 thickness of 8-10 ounce leather. 3/8" will take 3-4 thickness. 1/2" will take 4-5 thick nesses. Use the longest post possible for the strongest connection. Dry assemble your Chicago screws to ensure the correct fit and location, then go back and reassemble with super glue to prevent loosening.

Qty Pricing
 Item No   1-9   10+ 
WF-006: 1/4in Nickel  $9.36   $7.96 
WF-005: 1/4in Black  $11.16   $9.49 
WF-008: 3/8in Nickel  $9.60   $8.16 
WF-007: 3/8in Black  $14.52   $12.34 
WF-004: 1/2in Nickel  $13.32   $11.32 
WF-003: 1/2in Black  $26.76   $22.75 
Quantity: Packs

Speed Laces or Boot Hooks

These speed laces -- sometimes called "boot hooks" -- are ideal for creating a quick-to-lace closure. Popular on many hiking and military boots, speed laces do not fully enclose the lace, allowing a wider opening for entry without having to feed the lace back through the eyelets. Create a full closure with speed laces, or just use them on the last few lace rows to provide a large entry that is quick and easy to close.


Speed Lace or Boot Hook

Speed lace. Attaches with two standard rivets for extra strength. Available in nickel and black finishes.

Qty Pricing
 Item No   1-11   12+ 
WF-029: Nickel  $0.90   $0.77 
WF-030: Black  $0.90   $0.77 

Snap fasteners

Snaps make a compact and effective closure, which we feel is ideal for BDSM purposes. A single snap has two sides... male, on the bottom piece of leather, and female, on the top. Each side has two pieces The male side consists of an eyelet and a stud. The female side is made from a button and a socket. These snaps require snap setters, available in the Tools section.

One of the issues BDSM makers face is the uneven use of male and female components. An adjustable closure usually has one female side attaching to several male sides, although some folks make the other way around. Buying full snap sets therefore means you end up with some components left over. Very wasteful! WWL Hardware sells individual parts in addition to full sets so that you can make use of all of the parts you purchase.

These snaps are made from brass for rust resistance, and sold in packs of 10. Available in nickel or black finishes. Black components are a dull black oxide finish.

Large Size Snaps (Ligne 24): snap button measure 19/32" diameter.
Small Size Snaps (Ligne 20): snap button measure 1/2" diameter.

4 Part Snap Set or Durables

Large (Ligne 24) size snap set 19/32" diameter buttons. Full sets of snaps. Available in nickel or black.
Sold in packs of 10 sets.

Qty Pricing
 Item No   1-9   10+ 
WF-036-N: Ligne 24 Nickel  $9.88   $8.40 
WF-036-B: Ligne 24 Black  $9.88   $8.40 
Quantity: Packs

4 Part Snap Set or Durables

Small (Ligne 20) snap set 1/2" diameter buttons. Full sets of snaps. Available in nickel or black.
Sold in packs of 10 sets.

Qty Pricing
 Item No   1-9   10+ 
WF-011: Ligne 20 Nickel  $7.90   $6.72 
WF-022: Ligne 20 Black  $8.23   $7.00 
Quantity: Packs

Button for 4 part snap set

Snap buttons, nickel or black finish. Buttons only. Use with socket to make the female side. Large size (Ligne 24) has 19/32" diameter and the Small Size (Ligne 20) has 1/2" diameter head size. Sold in packs of 10.

Qty Pricing
 Item No   1-11   12+ 
WF-012: Ligne 20 Nickel  $5.10   $4.34 
*WF-023: Ligne 20 Black  $5.40   $4.59 
WF-040: Ligne 24 Nickel  $5.40   $4.59 
WF-041: Ligne 24 Black  $5.40   $4.59 
 * Out Of Stock
Quantity: Packs

Socket for 4 part snap sets

Sockets, nickel or dull black oxide finish. Socket only. Use with button to make the female side. Large (Ligne 24), Small (Ligne 20). Sold in packs of 10.

Qty Pricing
 Item No   1-11   12+ 
WF-013: Ligne 20 Nickel  $4.20   $3.57 
WF-024: Ligne 20 Black  $4.20   $3.57 
WF-042: Ligne 24 Nickel  $5.10   $4.34 
WF-043: Ligne 24 Black  $5.10   $4.34 
Quantity: Packs

sTUD for 4 part snap set

Studs, nickel or dull black oxide finish. Stud only. Use with eyelet to make the male side. Large (Ligne 24), Small (Ligne 20). Sold in packs of 10.

Qty Pricing
 Item No   1-11   12+ 
WF-014: Ligne 20 Nickel  $4.00   $3.40 
WF-025: Ligne 20 Black  $4.00   $3.40 
WF-034-N: Ligne 24 Nickel  $4.20   $3.57 
WF-034-B: Ligne 24 Black  $4.20   $3.57 
Quantity: Packs

Eyelet for 4 part snap set

Eyelets, nickel or dull black oxide finish. Eyelet only. Use with stud to make the male side. Large (Ligne 24), Small (Ligne 20). Sold in packs of 10.

Qty Pricing
 Item No   1-11   12+ 
WF-015: Ligne 20 Nickel  $3.10   $2.64 
WF-026: Ligne 20 Black  $3.10   $2.64 
WF-035-N: Ligne 24 Nickel  $4.00   $3.40 
WF-035-B: Linge 24 Black  $4.00   $3.40 
Quantity: Packs

Tools for setting the above snaps

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