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Leather Strapping, Web Strapping, Chain & Felt Lining

Leather Strapping
The most economical way to purchase leather is by the side. It costs much less per square (one square foot) in this quantity, because you purchase what would otherwise be scrap. If you plan to make a lot of leather gear, I definitely suggest you look at this approach. However, we're well aware that some people either:
A - won't necessarily make a lot of gear, or aren't sure that they will, or
B - don't want the up front expense (~$150 or so) for a full side of leather.

With this in mind, WWL Hardware offers a selection of precut straps. This is heavy (8-10 ounce) black latigo leather with an attractive, subtle top finish. It's an Indian tan with the characteristic yellow center, so plan on dying your edges. To keep things simple, we carry a few stock lengths. We chose 2-1/2" for the wider offering, but you can certainly cut it down with a strap cutter or by hand for narrower base straps.
1" Leather Strapping 1" Leather Strap
8-10 ounce black latigo leather. 1" wide available in 4 precut lengths.
Qty Pricing
 Item No   1+ 
WL-006: 1in X 1ft   $6.19 
WL-001: 1in X 2ft   $7.26 
WL-002: 1in X 3ft   $14.85 
WL-003: 1in X 6ft   $31.35 

2 1/2" Leather Strapping 2-1/2" Leather Strap
8-10 ounce black latigo leather. 2-1/2" wide available in 3 precut lengths.
Qty Pricing
 Item No   1+ 
WL-007: 2-1/2in X 1ft   $15.59 
WL-004: 2-1/2in X 3ft   $27.22 
WL-005: 2-1/2in X 6ft   $59.40 

Felt Lining for Leather Strapping
This 1/8" black felt lining is our preference for lined gear. It has good compressibility and is quite durable. Secures nicely with contact cement, trims with scissors. Sold in six foot long strips, 3" wide, wide enough to line a 2-1/2" base strap.
Felt Lining Material for Leather Straps 3" Felt Lining
Felt lining 6 Foot length x 3" wide
Qty Pricing
 Item No   1+ 
WM-010: 3in X 6ft   $5.26 

Link Chain
We've found it difficult to get good link chain. These are the right weight and size for bondage gear. Although made from steel, this isn't chain you would chain someone down with! It's useful on ball parachutes and other light load applications. Plus it's great for decorative accents... collar drapes, chain bars, and so on.
Small Link Chain Tight link chain.
Twist link chain with tightly spaced links. Nickel plated steel. Sold by the foot.
Qty Pricing
 Item No   1-24   25+ 
WH-003   $4.08   $3.47 
Quantity: FT.

Large Link Chain Loose link chain
Twist link chain with loosely spaced links. Nickel plated steel. Sold by the foot. This is a larger chain, and the additional space within links makes it better for a ball parachute.
Qty Pricing
 Item No   1-24   25+ 
WH-004   $4.93   $4.19 
Quantity: FT.

Lead chain with snap hook Lead Chain.
Solid brass, heavy duty chain with a swivel at one end that will accept a 1" strap at one end and a heavy duty rigid snap hook at the other end.
Available in 24" & 30" lengths.

Qty Pricing
 Item No   1+ 
WH-020A: 24in  $31.45 
WH-020B: 30in  $33.56 

Ball Chain
Ball chain is very cool for a number of purposes. Used with butt couplings to create a complete loop, such as a collar. Used with the "A" style fittings (see below), ball chain creates a highly adjustable loop end... perfect for connecting two (or three!) clamps and then adjusting to pull together. It's also easy to attach to things like nipple clamps and clothespins, on either a permanent or temporary basis. Official size is #6, material is steel and plated in nickel or brass.
Ball Chain Ball Chain
Nickel or brass plate. Sold by the foot with a minimum of 5ft. Shipped as continuous length up to 250 feet.
Qty Pricing
 Item No   1-4   5+ 
WH-001   $0.66   $0.56 
WH-005   $0.66   $0.56 
Quantity: FT.

Ball Chain Connector Butt coupling for ball chain.
Connects 2 lengths of ball chain together.
Made of steel and plated in either brass or nickel. Sold in packs of 10.
Qty Pricing
 Item No   1-9   10+ 
WH-006   $0.70   $0.60 
WH-007   $0.70   $0.60 
Quantity: Packs

Ball Chain A-coupling -A- coupling for ball chain
Nickel plated solid brass. Sold in packs of 10.
Qty Pricing
 Item No   1-9   10+ 
WH-002   $3.28   $2.79 
Quantity: Packs

Poly Web Strapping
Webbing can be used in many of the same ways that leather strapping can. It is an economical choice with advantages worth considering. Weight and bulk will be lower than a leather equivalent. Webbing can be washed, and is more readily sewn (particularly on home equipment). Most webbing is stronger than leather. At about 600 pound load-bearing capacity per inch of width, poly webbing is plenty strong for the vast majority of BDSM applications.
Poly Web Strap Poly webbing
Heavy weight, available in three widths, black in color. Purchase by the yard, shipped as single length up to 50-yard full roll.
Qty Pricing
 Item No   1-24   25+ 
WW-001: 1in   $0.84   $0.71 
WW-002: 1-1/2in   $1.13   $0.96 
WW-003: 2in Black   $1.27   $1.08 
Quantity: YD.

Webbing Supplies Below is an assortment of web buckles and strap adjusters for our webbing. There are a number of different webbing buckle styles, but here are the few we think are the most useful in BDSM. Loops, dee rings, and slip locks provide the means to attach webbing to things, attach things to webbing, and adjust webbing. These pieces are all black acetal plastic.
Web Side Squeeze Buckles Dual adjustable side squeeze buckle.
This reliable closure is the most flexible because it can be adjusted on both sides, one side or neither side of the closure depending on your application. Squeeze side tabs to release.
Qty Pricing
 Item No   1-11   12+ 
WW-006: 1"   $0.85   $0.72 
WW-019: 1-1/2"   $1.61   $1.37 
WW-014: 2"   $2.13   $1.81 

Jam Lever Buckle for Webbing Jam lever buckle.
The jam level buckle is the fastest and easiest to adjust. Simply pull to the desired location and press down on the lever. Pull up to release. Acetal body, nylon lever.
Qty Pricing
 Item No   1-11   12+ 
WW-013: 1in  $0.83   $0.71 
WW-020: 1-1/2in  $1.61   $1.37 
WW-021: 2in  $3.15   $2.68 

Tension Lock Buckle for Webbing Tension lock.
With this tension lock, you start loose and pull to the desired tightness. The tension itself clamps the webbing in place, and no amount of tugging gets it loose. Lift protruding tab to release tension.
Qty Pricing
 Item No   1-11   12+ 
WW-018: 1in  $0.50   $0.43 

Loop for Webbing Strap Loop.
Generally fixed to something using a short tab of webbing. A free length of webbing (a strap) is then run through the loop and back on itself, it is fastened and adjusted with a slip lock.
Qty Pricing
 Item No   1-11   12+ 
WW-007: 1in  $0.28   $0.24 
WW-008: 1-1/2in  $0.57   $0.48 
WW-009: 2in  $0.68   $0.58 

Dee Ring for Webbing Dee Ring.
You can certainly use steel dee rings with webbing. However, these Acetal dee rings are consistent with the rest of the webbing hardware, very strong, and of course won't set-off metal detectors.
Qty Pricing
 Item No   1-11   12+ 
WW-011: 1in  $0.37   $0.31 
WW-012: 1-1/2in  $0.57   $0.48 

Sliplock for Webbing Slip lock.
Used to adjust the length of a looped strap, or of two straps joined in-line.
Qty Pricing
 Item No   1-11   12+ 
WW-015: 1in  $0.34   $0.29 
WW-016: 1-1/2in  $0.68   $0.58 
WW-017: 2in  $0.75   $0.64 

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