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Leather Care Products

Gags & Nipple Clamps & Riding Crop
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Eyelets & Grommets
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Leather Care Products

We keep it simple and carry the basics: Lexol and Doc Bailey's products for cleaning and conditioning your leather, Edge Dye for a professional finish to the edges of your leather, Neatsfoot oil for leather conditioning & restoration, Barge Cement the best leather glue on the market and Fiebings Leather Dye. Everything you need to keep your leather looking and functioning great for years to come.
lexol leather conditioner Lexol Leather Conditioner
An all purpose dressing that will condition and nourish leather. Great for keeping leather supple and soft. We sell this in either 8 fl. oz bottle or 1/2 liter spray.
Qty Pricing
 Item No   1+ 
WU-010: Conditioner 8oz  $7.99 
WU-009:   $14.62 

lexol leather cleaner
Lexol pH Leather Cleaner
A concentrated foaming action cleaner that deep cleans leather. It's no-staining, non-dulling glycerine-enriched formula will keep leather soft and protect the leather fibers. We sell this in either 8 fl. oz bottle or 1/2 liter spray.
Qty Pricing
 Item No   1+ 
WU-008: Cleaner 8oz  $8.25 
WU-007:   $14.62 

Doc Bailey's Leather Black
The Original Doc Bailey's Leather Black restores lost color, cleans, nourishes and waterproofs smooth leathers all in one step! Doc Bailey's Leather Black contains a dye pigment that restores lost color. It also gently cleans leather with specially formulated detergents which actually lift dirt out, opening the pores of the leather and allowing the lanolin oil to flow into the leather, nourishing and softening it. Doc Bailey's Leather Black penetrates deep into the leather to restore lost color. As a finishing touch, special waxes lock the color in, which protects and waterproofs your leather.
*Contains no silicone!
*Do not use on buckskin or suede.
Doc Bailey's Leather Black

Doc Bailey's has been a staple leather care product with the motorcycle crowd for a long time. We feel it's a great product to care for your leather gear.
4 oz. Bottle with applicator

Qty Pricing
 Item No   1+ 
WU-013:   $19.12 

Fiebing's neatsfoot oil leather conditioner Neatsfoot oil compound
Neatsfoot is our favorite leather conditioner for latigo and other oiled leathers. It absorbs nicely, and doesn't leave gear feeling sticky or slimy nor change the surface appearance. Good for old, dry leather as well. Apply with a small square of clean cotton cloth... sacrifice a T-shirt. Available in an 8oz bottle.
Qty Pricing
 Item No   1+ 
WU-003:   $6.12 

Barge cement leather cement Barge cement
Leather, particularly oiled leather, is a very difficult material to glue. Barge cement, a very thick contact cement, is the best adhesive for leather bar none. Perfect for glue-in linings. Although larger containers are restricted for both sale and shipment, we can sell and ship this smaller tube in the US. No International shipping on this item!. Sold in a 2oz tube.
Qty Pricing
 Item No   1+ 
WU-004:   $9.36 

Fiebing's edge leather dye and finish applicator Fiebing's Edge dye & finish applicator, black
This Fiebing's product is exceptional. The applicator design is simply brilliant, and provides an even edge coating very quickly with a minimum of practice. The fluid doesn't penetrate as well as Fiebing's leather dye, and we recommend actual edge dying prior to burnishing (and this finish afterwards).
Qty Pricing
 Item No   1+ 
WU-001:   $8.66 

Fiebing's black leather dye Fiebing's Leather Dye
This alternate formulation meets requirements to ship, and works well with good penetration and deep color.
Qty Pricing
 Item No   1+ 
WU-006:   $8.75 

Wool dauber for finishing or dying leather Wool Daubers
10 pack. These standard daubers are perfect for dyes, top finishing, spreading cement, and so on. With many fluids, they can be washed and reused a few times.
Qty Pricing
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WU-005:   $3.75 

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